About Me

Twenty Facts About Me…

  1. Turning 35.
  2. NY, DC, Va.
  3. College educated.
  4. Graphic design trained.
  5. Technologically inclined.
  6. Three years of package design.
  7. Four years of freelance invitation design.
  8. Six months of letterpress apprenticeship.
  9. Mac user with an Android smartphone, in a PC work environment.
  10. Favors a simple & clean design aesthetic.
  11. Adores script typefaces.
  12. Digs most things military.
  13. Has visited Hawaii, Canada, Paris, London, Dublin, The Philippines, and Puerto Rico.
  14. Fluent in Tagalog, Beginner Spanish, and the elusive Texan accent.
  15. Loves event design and coordination.
  16. Enjoys spectating social issue debates.
  17. Believes that children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way...
  18. Hopes of being overwhelmingly wealthy one day.
  19. Last, but not least, FOOD <3